Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Week 2, Exercise 4

Since I don't have a SJPL or SJSU library address, due to being
"in the pool" I may not be able to complete this exercise.

We shall await to see what happens.

Week 2, Exercise 3

Setting up the blog...
Finally got this set up.
I had to create a gmail account, but that's okay.

I think the neatest part of this was creating the text area
on the blog page. It's amazing how many fictional dog books there are.

Week 1, Exercise 2

Seven & 1/2 habits tutorial on Lifelong learning:
( It's never to soon or late to learn.
Attitude is everything.)

Nice presentation. 14 minutes long and very worthwhile.

Habit 7 1/2 is most important. And Fun.
Learning Contracts & Toolboxes:.

Good presentation

Week 1, Exercise 1

Sounded interesting and fun.
No actual blog until week 3's exercises.